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Mishmash of Topics (worth to look at)

Mostly #Scala, #Hadoop, #REST, #NoSQL tweets, unsorted, unvalidated and incomplete…

  1. @KaiWaehner Awesome tutorial about #Scala#Akka and Apache #Camel: (here)
  2. @jsuereth post bout ‘How you should think about Delimited Continuations in Scala (here)
  3. @bdarfler Slides from my Performance talk at #nescala (here)
  4. Eric Meijer’s series on functional programming (Chapter 1)
  5. @otisg Excellent thread on marrying HBase and Lucene (here)
  6. @otisg Yahoo devs are proposing *radical* Hadoop changes (here)
  7. @djspiewak: @richhickey‘s presentation at the JVM Lang Summit provides the theoretical justification (here)
  8. @rajdavies Interesting blog post – Scala’s going to get dynamic capabilites (here)
  9. Prova is an economic and efficient, Java JVM based, open source rule language for reactive agents and event processing (more)
  10. @etorreborre Why our intuition of testing is wrong (here)
  11. @ochafik Run Scala code on your GPU with #ScalaCL in 1 minute! (here)
  12. @chenkelmann More in-depth parser combinators in the 2nd part of my series (here)
  13. @lars_francke I’ve written a blog post about setting up a Hadoop cluster on my blog (here)
  14. @etorreborre A step-by-step explanation of the State monad (here)
  15. @zcox New blog post: How to handle Lift actors that make database changes (here)
  16. @pautasso Atomic #Transactions for the #REST of us – slides presented at #RESTunconf last week (here)
  17. @mariofusco Very useful #git quick reference (here)
  18. @barfooz How Twitter Uses NoSQL (here)
  19. @etorreborre Dependency injection in #scala: extending the cake pattern (here)
  20. @mariofusco Scala for Project Euler http://pavelfatin.com/scala-for-project-euler/A good way to challenge and improve your #scala skills
  21. @eric_brewer: Google Earth Engine will be a revolutionary tool (here)
  22. @bigdata FACTORIE toolkit 4 probabilistic modeling written in Scala paper http://goo.gl/ovULB code http://goo.gl/lqR03 talk http://goo.gl/7hntt
  23. @kopfkind: Many good ones in “Top 25 Best Linux Commands” at http://is.gd/gwy6c
  24. Awaitility is a small Java-based DSL for synchronizing asynchronous operations. It makes it easy to test asynchronous code (here)
  25. @etorreborre Very interesting use of #scala extractors to query DataSets (here)
  26. @nosqldatabases Considering using a graph db? Check out this presentation which discusses the graph landscape (here)
  27. @conikeec Why Google chose Jetty over Tomcat for AppEgine (here)
  28. @hanimic Read a good introductory post about the #bigdata ecosystem today (here)
  29. @akpurtell Twitter analytics: “Every node in our cluster runs #hbase” (here)
  30. @pchiusano Blog post – the four stages of (functional) programming (here)
  31. @allthingshadoop: Designing Algorithms for Map Reduce (here)