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HBase on Cloudera VM

This is a very brief installation instruction 🙂 Please feel free to change the path or HBase version.

1. Download the Cloudera training VM from their Website. Start it and follow Clouderas instructions to update the VM.

2. get and install the HBase ‘developer preview’ release

sudo -u hadoop mkdir /home/hadoop/hbase
cd /home/hadoop/hbase
sudo -u hadoop wget http://artfiles.org/apache.org//hbase/hbase-0.89.20100924/hbase-0.89.20100924-bin.tar.gz
sudo -u hadoop tar xvfz hbase-0.89.20100924-bin.tar.gz

3. configure hdsf location


sudo -u hadoop vi hbase-0.89.20100924/conf/hbase-site.xml

add in configuration tag:


4. startup

sudo -u hadoop hbase-0.89.20100924/bin/start-hbase.sh

5: start the HBase shell

hbase-0.89.20100924/bin/hbase shell